Fitz Roy y Cº TorreEl Chalten, a town at the foot of mountains such as Fitz Roy and Torre in The Glaciers National Park at about 250 m. sea level, covers an area of 106,000 hectares, having the magnificent Viedma and Moyano glaciers, among others, descend towards it. 

El Chalten is the youngest town in Argentina, founded as a frontier town on 12 October 1985, with just 300 inhabitants; it has become the Mecca of trekking in our country being visited by over 20,000 tourists from around the world. 

However, the biggest attractions here are the Fitz Roy (3375 m) and the Torre, two of the peaks coveted by professional climbers. The complex of peaks dominated by the legendary figures of these hills, surrounded by other notable needles, is a constant call and challenge for climbers from around the world. El Chalten is considered one of the most important climbing centers in the world. 

The Fitz Roy is named in honor of the captain of the schooner Beagle, which took naturalist Charles Darwin on his trip through Patagonia. 

It is a giant granite hill baptized by the first inhabitants of the region as Chanten, which means "mountain that lets out smoke” due to a physical phenomenon by which an accumulation of smoke can be seen on clear days as emanating from its summit. The origin of this manifestation is the formation of clouds and constant snow winds. This not only confused the Indians but also scientists like Francisco Moreno, who marked it on the maps as a volcano.