Country Argentina
Province Santa Cruz
Departament Lago Argentino
Location 49°19′47″S 72°53′15″W
Altitude 450 m
Area n/a
Foundation October 12, 1985
Population Density 324 inhabitants (2001)
CPA Base + 690,2 % (1991, 2001) %
Postcode 9301
DDN 02962
DDI 0054 2962
Official Language Spanish.
Currency Peso.
Passport valid for at least 6 months.
Visa not required (Permission to stay: 90 days).
Vaccinations not required.
Electricity 220V / 50Hz.
Com. Fom. President Sr. Luís Alberto Guevara

How to arrived 

By air, the nearest airports are in El Calafate and Río Gallegos. During the winter, airlines usually change their flights and times, therefore, we suggest contacting them before planning your trip. 

From there, you can travel by land, several companies offer this transfer. See transport companies. 

By land, El Chalten is accessible through Route 40 from the south, from El Calafate, or from the north, through Esquel, Perito Moreno, Bajo Caracoles ... 

El Calafate 220 km
Piedra Buena 344 km
Perito Moreno 303 km
San Julian 470 km
Rio Turbio 517 km
Torres del Paine 579 km
Gobernador Gregores 297 km
Puerto Natales 530 km
Punta Arenas 770 km
Porvenir 765 km
Rio Gallegos 458 km
Rio Grande 750 km
Ushuaia 1060 km
Aeropuerto El Calafate 242 km
Cuevas del Gualicho 231 km
Río Gallegos 539 km
Lago Roca 285 km
Glaciar Perito Moreno 300 km
Buenos Aires 3200 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 959 km
Córdoba 2836 km
Corrientes 3579 km
Esquel 1108 km
Formosa 3725 km
Gobernador Gregores 335 km
La Plata 3100 km
La Rioja 3289 km
Mendoza 2981 km
Neuquén 2127 km
Paraná 3056 km
Porvenir 561 km
Posadas 3729 km
Puerto Madryn 1388 km
Puerto Natales 362 km
Punta Arenas 605 km
Rawson 1413 km
Resistencia 3559 km
Río Gallegos 306 km
Río Grande 645 km
Salta 3686 km
San Julian 406 km
Santa Cruz 306 km
S.F.V.Catamarca 3268 km
San Juan 3052 km
San Luis 2728 km
S.M.Tucumán 3382 km
S.S.Jujuy 3714 km
Santa Fe 3026 km
Santa Rosa 2226 km
Sgo. del Estero 3250 km
Trelew 1326 km
Ushuaia 889 km
Viedma 1893 km

   Available locally 
   - Internet (cyber). 
   - ATM. 
   - Post Office . 

   NOT available locally 
   - Banks. 
   - Exchange Bureaus. 
   - Mobile telephony. 
   - Car rental (Rent-a-car). 

Primitive Inhabitants 

The Tehuelche (Indians who lived in southern Patagonia) meaning of the word Chaltén is "blue mountain" or "smoking mountain". This was what the original inhabitants of this land called Mount Fitz Roy since it is not difficult to confuse it with a volcano as viewed from a distance.