In El Relincho we continue riding, opening the way to new challenges and experiencing unique adventures.
Our horseback riding is possible to do, even for people without experience and that we have meek and trained horses for this activity. They are mostly from our own upbringing, docile and reliable. Providing comfortable and comfortable frames.
We assure you that you will enjoy receiving this experience where nature is intertwined with the free and adventurous spirit of the visitor.


We offer a guided tour conducted by experienced Baqueanos.
Cavalcade The Relincho
Description: from our facilities in El Chaltén, a company vehicle will transfer you to the room where the guide will wait for you, who will assign the horses to start the activity.
In this tour you will know the typical landscape of our mountain area and enjoy stunning views of the Fitz Roy hill.
Consult to be able to make the ride with private guide.

Rates: Consult.